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Private Backyard Exhibition Documentation (29 April - 4 May 2021), video, 86’43’’


Exhibition opening set, 29 April 2021


Exhibition closing set, 4 May 2021

Private backyard exhibition, 2021 was a live art object programme held in spring 2021. The exhibited object was made of sugar and mixed wild bird food (which is safe for the creatures in wild). Since legally, it was in a private property space, apart from the creator, no other people could be involved in this exhibition.

I realized there is potentially a subtle central position of the human being in art communication. “Kantianism claimed ‘we cannot think something without thinking it’— that is, to reject the notion that we can only think what is available to us as phenomena we experience.” However, “Object-oriented ontology assures us that we can think objects as those objects are, outside our minds” I was trying to think about object from an eastern approach, and arguably, there is a Chinese philosophical system in the 14-15c related to metaphysics. Although the unity of knowing and acting is Wang Yangming’s most influential theory, he also claimed the relation between human and the world: objects do not exist entirely apart from the mind because the mind shapes them. It is not the world that shapes the mind, but the mind that gives reason to the world. Although the existence form of object is different from Kantianism and OOO, Wang Yangming positioned human into a higher and separate hierarchy beyond the object or the world. I suggest this is a similar perspective as Kantianism, which emphasized the functional importance of human’s experience. From this point, I think it is potentially feasible to reflect on the exhibition space studies, the noumenon of an art object and the relation between human and object. This ongoing project is aimed to create an art exhibition for non-human, question and challenge the central position of people in art communication.

Creatures, not human, were the audience of this exhibition. When you cannot attend see or position yourself in the exhibition environment, cannot create a direct relation with the object, did the object really exist? Did the exhibition work as an exhibition? This project is intended to question and challenge the relation between human and art objects. The switch of relation explained some of the communication error in visual art.

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