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The Layered Rock-Making (Documentation) — Video, 28'55'', 2021

The Layered Rock-Making Outcome (Documentation) — Sculpture, 90x170x140 mm, paraffin, crayon, acrylic paint, 2021

The Layered Rock-Viewing (Documentation) — Video, 51'44'', 2021


The Layered Rock-Viewing Outcome (Documentation) — Art object, 400x400mm, aluminum plate, paraffin, crayon, acrylic paint, 2021

This is documentation of the work “The Layered Rock, 2021”. The project is made of two processes and two outcome art objects. As a demonstration of the “layering model”, each section contains its own concept but also works as a whole.

“Layering model” can be implemented as an alternative method in art communication. There are three main concepts of the “layering model”: 1. Art objects, same as any other objects, exist by themselves and will not be influenced by any other subjective existence. 2. The art object is constructed by a certain number of layers of material which are dynamically connected to uncertain layers of information. 3. The art object exists as a communication bridge between art creators and art viewers. Paradoxically, in this communication process, it is not in control by either art creators or art viewers.

Every art object works as a piled-up layer of information. And this layered up model can be explained by “sedimentary rock” as a metaphor. In a very direct way­­­ — in the making process, artists are putting up layers of materials to build up their “rocks”. Every viewing process is a cutting activity on the art object layered model. Analogously, viewing and understanding is a flat “cutting section” on the “rock”. Therefore, these images of concept are part of reproductions of the original artwork. 

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