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“ [...]

1. A thing in the sense of being present-at-hand: a rock, a piece of wood, a pair of pliers, a watch, an apple, and a piece of bread. All inanimate and all animate things such as a rose, shrub, beech tree, spruce, lizard, and wasp...

2. Thing in the sense in which it means whatever is named but which includes also plans, decisions, reflections, loyalties, actions, historical things...

3. All these and anything else that is a something (ein Etwas) and not nothing.


Martin Heidegger, ‘What is a Thing?’, translated by W. B. Barton, Jr. and Vera Deutsch, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, Unknown year.

“ [...]

layering (simple)       aleatory device w/ two balls

                                 aleatory device w/ three balls

                                 aleatory device w/ four balls

                                 aleatory device w/ five balls

                                 aleatory device w/ six balls


layering (complex)   2, 6, 3, 5, 4 (for example)


(random)                  Throw a real die for the

                                 layering of constellations”

Till Gathmann, ‘Construction Piece’, The Death of the Artist, Cabinet Books, New York, 2018.

“‘Dialogue’ signified the possibility of new meaning to emerge from the recombination of existing information, while ‘discourse’ was exemplified by the retention and transmission of that meaning to future generation. [...] ”

Elisabeth van Meer, ‘Review: Text Image, Flusser’, Technology and Culture, Vol. 53, No. 4 (October 2012), pp. 913- 917, [Accessed 05/07/20]

“‘Anthropology is the study of social relationships and material culture is the study of objects.”

Object Retrieval, 'What Do Objects Do? A Material And Visual Culture Perspective', University College London,, [Accessed 05/07/20]

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